Version 11.6.7

Radio Mobile download in Various Languages

Step 1

For old versions of Windows, Linux-Wine, or Mac-WineBottler:

Download the Visual Basic Runtime

Install it on your PC before executing the next steps (you may have to reboot).

Step 2

Create a program directory to place the contents of the following files.



Step 3

Installation of is required for all languages!

Step 4

Arabian language by Abdullah Alotaibi

Brazilian/Portuguese language by Marcio Pereira

Danish language by Jimmy Hahn

German language by Arnold Tibus

English language by Roger Coudé

French language by Roger Coudé

Greek language by Ioannis Liaskos

Italian language by Gian Leonardo Solazzi and Gabriele Memeo

Dutch/Flemish language by Gust Mariens

Norvegian language by Kai Gunter Brandt

Polish language by Dominik Rogalski

Spanish language by Juan Andrés González

Slovak language by dxr

Turkish language by A. Tahir DENGIZ

Ukrainian language by Volodymyr Lisivka

Step 5

Create a data directory structure.











Step 6

Insure that no other instances of Rmwdlx32.dll exists on your system. If you want to put the program at more than one location, you should put Rmwdlx32.dll (and other dlls) in c:\Windows\system32.

Step 7

By reading and editing the file Map_Link.txt with Notepad, the program can access various map layers for personnal use only.

Create sub directories for those sites in your Geodata directory.

Step 8

To get a World Map with SRTM continent definition, extract file in the program directory.

Step 9

"Right click" on your language executable (example: rmweng.exe) and select "Send to" then "Desktop (create shortcut)" and launch the program with the shortcut.

Step 10

In the main menu, select "Options" "Internet" and set the local paths created above for your SRTM data and other sources as listed.

Radio Mobile is now ready. Please have a look in the "How to" section to learn more about the program

Step 11

For Windows 7 and 8 users you may need to install the Windows Help fix.

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